Snow Princess

Snow Princess

My best friend has been pushing me for a while to start writing posts instead of just posting photos.It took me 7 months from my first post to finally do it :).From now on I will always try to post some stories or my thoughts behind the photo.

As my gift to you All for next 3 days till Christmas I will post one of the pictures of this beautiful girl that I had a chance to photograph. Her name is Kaya and this Christmas photo shoot was a simple joy. Wait until you see her eyes in color…

Monia I love you,thank you for being the best friend ever those posts I dedicated to YOU!

11 thoughts on “Snow Princess

  1. Very nicely done! I am sure by the way that you capture the moment, it will only be greatly enhanced by some words, a haiku, or a short poem, or whatever comes from your heart and spirit deep within. You have talent, just continue to share, the words will come as you blossom more and more. You picture brings a lasting smile to many of our days! God Bless!

  2. I’m like you. I prefer to just post the picture and let the viewer fill in the story. If I post a building or a place, I will label it, but I generally just post the picture. Your photos are beautiful!

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